Wikipedia: what, why & how?

Source: Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia & me “Why don’t you try your hand at Wikipedia”, my teacher asked me in 2009. Wikipedia was 8 years old then. It had already raced ahead of its print counterparts like Encyclopedia Britannica or Americana in terms of volume and popularity. I was only a user of this knowledge platform,Continue reading “Wikipedia: what, why & how?”

Humour in the classroom

You might all wonder who is this guy and what is he up to? Is he here to teach and preach on Humour in the Classroom or is he going to create some humour in this classroom too? Let me assure you that I shall keep my own teaching or even preaching to the minimum.Continue reading “Humour in the classroom”

Divasvapna: episode 1

Gijubhai’s Divasvapna is the story of a teacher who succeeds in making innovative experiments in the classroom. In the true spirit of the book’s title the teacher daydreams of igniting a fire for learning in the students. And he works hard to turn the dream into reality. His one year journey in the classroom wasContinue reading “Divasvapna: episode 1”

e e cummings translated in Hindi

1 कौन जाने चाँद  कौन जाने चाँद  एक विमान हो,  जो खूबसूरत लोगों से भरे आसमान के एक सुन्दर से शहर से आये तुम्हें और हमें बिठाकर ले जाए फिर क्या  हम उड़ जाएं  ऊपर मंदिर, मस्जिद, गिरिजा घरों की अट्टालिकाओं सितारों और घटाओं से भी ऊपर, और ऊपर उड़कर हम पहुंच जाएं उस नैसर्गिकContinue reading “e e cummings translated in Hindi”

Demystifying Poetry

Why poetry I too dislike it: there are things that are important beyond all this fiddle.Reading it, however,with a perfect contemp for it,one discovers in it after all,a place for the genuine.Hands that can grasp, eyesthat can dilate, hair that can rise….. This is an extract from a poem on Poetry by Marianne Moore. SheContinue reading “Demystifying Poetry”

Pottery on the fringe

Most students living in the school hostels would go home during the Diwali holidays. But it was customary for the small group that stayed back to visit the house of Nazeeb Khan, a potter in village Gilpatti near Bathinda, Punjab. The purpose was not just to buy earthen diyas, but also to behold the processContinue reading “Pottery on the fringe”

Teaching Justice

Justice is no less challenging to teach in the classroom. An interesting way to begin is to have a role play of the dialogue that Socrates had had with a group of young people on Justice. They ask him, Why should we be just when people who tell lies, twist rules, avoid paying taxes areContinue reading “Teaching Justice”

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